If you can breathe – then YOU can do yoga!

If you can breathe – then YOU can do yoga!
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Sometimes, we are our own worst enemies. (myself included) Many times when I meet someone new and tell them I teach yoga, they say, “I wish I could do yoga – I am just not flexible/have balance/no time.”, etc. You get the picture. My reply is typically along the lines of, “If you can breathe – then YOU can do yoga.” Corny, I know. But very true.

Yoga is not about touching your toes, putting yourself in some crazy pretzel shape, or posting stunning poses on social media. It is so much more simple and deep at the same time. Yoga is about learning to be present, and re connecting with ourselves (that may be the person you once knew before social media, and before your life started running from 0 to 60 all the time.), our cores, our creativity and love of simple things. When you start to breathe with purpose and steadiness, (even for a few moments or minutes), you start to focus on the things that matter most, in that moment. Most of the time – yourself. In a loving, non judgmental way that allows everything else that may be going on in your life and your head to take a back seat for awhile. When you start to breathe with mindfulness – your body will follow. That is truly a wonderful thing! (Big smile here)

I can almost bet you started breathing mindfully after reading this, which means you, my friend, are doing YOGA.

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