Gentle Yoga

No Experience required. Great for yoga newbies, or those who have limited physical movement. Focus on breathing techniques, and slower paced transitions through common and foundational poses. Modifications/alternatives offered for many postures, allowing yogis to adjust for their bodies.

(Note: Yoga Props strongly encouraged, but not required.)

Yoga Basics

Focus on breathing, proper alignment and muscle engagement in foundational postures. Moderately paced transitions through poses, with cues offered to “go deeper” within postures.

(Note: Yoga Props optional, but not required.)

Mixed Level

Great for yoga a yoga student who wants to maintain their current practice, and for more experienced students who want to level-up. Focus on breathing, and foundational postures with more advanced variations offered. Class flow with moderate/quicker pace provided for seasoned students.

(Note: Yoga Props optional, but not required.)

Yin Yoga

(Specialized class) Focus on breathing, “myofascia” release via limited yoga poses and movements, for extended periods of time. (3 minute holds, or more for each posture. 

(Note: Specific props required.)

Corporate Yoga

(In office and/or home office via zoom) 2-4x Class series designed for Business Team participation. (Min. five participants per session.) Focus on breathing techniques, stress reduction, and yoga movement designed for everyday office use and application.

(Note: Props encouraged.)

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